Please Make A Tax-Deductible Donation To Project GET SAFE Today!

Project GET SAFE helps fund safety, awareness and healthy relationship training for those unable to afford GET SAFE’s highly specialized services. Through your generosity, we will continue to create safer communities for all.

When you contribute to Project GET SAFE, a not-for-pro­fit 501(c)(3) corporation, you are giving the precious gift of a safe and violence-free life. Your donation may provide counseling to a survivor of sexual assault, prevent a future violent crime, or help break the cycle of abuse in the life of someone with developmental disabilities. In each case, you are providing a chance for transformation in the lives of those who need it most.

Bullying Prevention

Sponsor a child’s seat at an assembly so they don’t have to be afraid to go to school every morning.

Gang Reduction Intervention

Send an at-risk youth to our safety camp so they can realize they have other options than joining a gang.

Self-Advocacy For People With Disabilities

Sponsor a ticket to a conference so someone can learn how to protect themselves from physical and sexual abuse.

Recovery For Survivors

Help us give a survivor of sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic violence, stalking, etc. come back stronger than ever.

Campus Sexual Assault Prevention

Sponsor an awareness and self-defense class for a group of local college women so they don’t become just another statistic.

Domestic Violence Shelter

Give the gift of hope to the families at a local women’s shelter so they can break the cycle of abuse.

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Underwrite The GET SAFE Community Center

If you are interested in underwriting the GET SAFE Community Center, please contact or call (714) 834-0050 and ask for Stuart.