GET SAFE has provided campus, corporate and community safety training for tens of thousands of corporate/institutional employees and students across California. The curriculum has been developed to tackle difficult topics in an engaging, age-appropriate, interactive style. 

This highly interactive workshop is designed to provide participants with the skills to promote safety and security in the workplace and/or in their personal lives. All program information is presented in a fun and engaging manner to help participants retain critical information that will allow them to safely respond to potentially dangerous situations based on their lifestyle, abilities and surroundings.

This program can be tailored for your agency’s needs to provide your employees with specialized knowledge and critical skills in the following focus areas :

  • Personal safety awareness at home, work, while traveling, and in the field
  • On and off-site client safety
  • Corporate bullying prevention and response
  • Healthy social and professional relationships
  • Violence prevention tactics
  • De-escalating a potentially violent situation
  • Basic self-defense techniques

Contact us today for more information on any of our corporate safety programs, or to schedule a customizable GET SAFE training designed to meet the needs of your business or organization.

Corporate Safety