Community Safety Programs For Persons With Physical And Developmental Disabilities

Given the frequency of victimization among this population (90% of persons with disabilities will be abused in their lifetime), safety and awareness training education is of the utmost importance. Rather than viewing disabilities as impairments, GET SAFE trainers encourage their students to work with their abilities to make them stronger and safer.

This program is designed to provide persons with developmental disabilities with the skills needed to create healthy relationships and safe sexual attitudes. GET SAFE’s aim is to (1) increase clients’ assertiveness, allowing them to know they have a voice and a choice, and (2) respect and recognize a person’s right to set boundaries and make choices about his/her relationships, which can decrease sexual and physical assaults. Healthy Relationships Education:

  • Provides students with a clear understanding of the importance of creating healthy relationships with others
  • Gives an opportunity to discuss the central topics and individual factors that affect healthy relationships
  • Equips students with the hands-on training and education to apply learned content to their lives.

GET SAFE has a curriculum designed to be flexible by gauging the retention and functionality of the students. The curriculum emphasizes a clear and continuously reinforced message about appropriate sexual/relationship behaviors and risk reduction. Instruction is customized to include a selection of topics.

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