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HAPPY 2016!

Most of us just finished celebrating the incoming of a new year, full of promise and excitement.  Generally with the beginning of a new year, we all anticipate a better year than the last, a more successful environment within which to grow our business, help others, maintain strong social relationships, and for those of us who have children, an opportunity to help our kids succeed far beyond our (and their) wildest dreams.

However, with the recent string of attacks on our “freedoms” – globally and locally – there is a chance that many of us are headed into this time with trepidation and fear of what is on the horizon for America & around the world.  Here at Get Safe – we “get” it.  Over the years, we have established ourselves as an industry leader in preparing and educating the public about how to make safety first in your life and to Get Safe – Be Safe – Stay Safe.

And that’s where our story started…over 30 years ago…..a boy with a dream….(cue Star Wars theme music here)….but seriously, folks – we are here to empower you, and offer you tools on how to stay safe & rigorously fight for yourselves and others in any unstable or violent environment.   “Safety First” is not just a motto, it must become your way of life.  Without your safety, nothing else in your life will matter.

So – here’s the story…really, stay with me – it’s pretty interesting!  After being the target of bullying as a kid (I did have skinny legs & seemed to be a good target), I decided to learn how to protect myself – not street fight – but learn the disciplined fighting style of the masters of martial arts.  Years of study lead to my earning a black belt in kung fu, judo, tae kwon do and hapkido – overkill, maybe? – but it was a goal of mine to be able to defend myself and others in any situation and more importantly have the confidence to walk or run away from an escalating situation – knowing I could stand on my own (even if it was on those skinny minny legs)!

Very quickly I began to realize that a majority of my students wanted to learn self-defense in response to either a traumatizing experience, or a scary, close-call with violence. After hearing story after heartbreaking story, I began to reflect on personal safety and awareness, and more importantly, how I could use my martial arts knowledge to help students protect themselves from violent attacks, as well as help them see and avoid potential threats.

Compelled to spread my message of hope, strength and safety to as many people as possible, I focused on teaching the awareness of safety.  I knew many people could not commit to training 4 times a week for martial arts training or self-defense classes, but I also knew I had to do something to help all individuals – whether it was a young high schooler or mature 65 year-old man or woman – make safer choices.   I also discovered that recovering mentally and emotionally from an act of violence would help those survivors rebuild their confidence and arm them with tools to live safer, violence-free lives and at the same time realizing that this awareness is for everyone. Everybody deserves to arm themselves with knowledge of good safety practices that empower them to live a violence-free life.

Finally I seized the day and in 1993, I founded GET SAFE as a response to those cries for help, and since then have trained more than 100,000 students with the help of incredible staff, volunteers and community support. Almost as cool as that, I even picked up the nick name Safety Stu!

Responding to our initial successes, we expanded our safety education services to include awareness and recovery programs for children, survivors of violent crime and assaults, victims, persons with developmental disabilities, educational, and corporations across the nation.  These days, GET SAFE also offers a broad range of advocacy services, curricula, consulting services and an ever-increasing number of tools and products to help people from all walks of life to Get Safe – Be Safe – Stay Safe.

Thanks for tuning in, in case you want to start the new year off with some light reading, pick a safety book from one of my favorite authors (haha! it’s ME!) on our website  or on Amazon of Freedom, a Stronger Safer You…and in the future, I will be giving you some of my most important tips on how to prepare yourself for any situation.  Until then, stay tuned, because my hope for 2016 is for you, your family and your friends, to Get Safe – Be Safe – Stay Safe.

Safety Stu


10374068_782711671779049_7068818161810689926_n[2]Stuart Haskin, or Safety Stu as he is known to his thousands (uh, let’s say tens) of admiring followers,  is a leading expert in personal safety issues with a black belt in four different martial arts.  For the past 30 years, Stuart has been teaching police officers, military personnel, teachers, students, and all people how to use the SAFE technique (Scan Assess Forecast Execute) to expand the freedom in all areas of their lives.  #getsafeusa, #safety_stu, #safety, #safetyfirst


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