GET SAFE specializes in the development and instruction of workshops in personal safety, self-defense, sexual assault prevention, and survivor recovery for children and adults. Designed for any and all persons interested and invested in enhancing their own safety awareness, our programs are custom tailored to your lifestyle, abilities and surroundings

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GET SAFE believes that everyone deserves to live a safe, violence-free life. Our Personal Safety 101 classes (for adultsseniorschildren and young adults) are guaranteed to be informative and entertaining, perfect for people of all ages, abilities, and attention spans! Based on your needs, training can be held in a group or individual, one-on-one setting.

While training is fully customizable, in general Personal Safety 101 topics include:

  • Personal safety and awareness
  • Emergency self-defense techniques
  • Warning signs of abuse
  • Safety on campus, at home and work
  • Dating safety and healthy relationships
  • Sexual harassment awareness/prevention
  • Assertiveness training
  • Understanding and reacting to inappropriate behavior
  • Conflict avoidance/resolution

FRT provides highly-targeted information, tools and strategies to help traditional first responders (law enforcement, hospital and emergency personnel) more effectively recognize and work with persons with autism and other developmental disabilities on the job, in the community, and most importantly, in emergency situations. FRT includes:

  • Pre and Post Testing for maximum retention of critical information
  • Interactive Exercises to discuss common communication challenges and typical behaviors
  • Understanding Sensory Processing Issues: Tips and exercises that help first responders understand the visual, aural and tactile sensory response issues persons with ASDs may experience
  • De-escalation Strategies to keep everyone calm, cooperative and most importantly, SAFE
  • Field Reference Cards provide first responders with a quick list of the common communication challenges and behaviors, which can be kept on them at all times while on the job
  • Training Guide for use during and after training

FRT can be delivered in 1-4 hour trainings, or during shift briefings, training seminars, and in-service meetings with various connected agencies.

With 1 in 48 people being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we will all encounter a colleague, peer or supervisor who has an ASD. This training heightens your “autism awareness” by providing the information and tools needed to recognize and understand certain behaviors persons with ASDs and other developmental disabilities may demonstrate, as well as proven strategies for de-escalating high-stress situations, so everyone can happily and safely live, play and work together.

GET SAFE’s unique, highly interactive training approach includes:

  • Interactive Exercises and Training to discuss common communication challenges, sensory sensitivity, and typical behaviors
  • Field Reference Cards to provide you with a quick list of the common communication challenges and behaviors
  • Training Guide for use during and after training

This training has been carefully designed for survivors of violence, sexual assault/abuse from many walks of life, including:

  • Domestic violence survivors
  • Military/law enforcement survivors of sexual assault
  • Crime/violence survivors

Our unique approach combines counseling and group processing with personal safety education and self-defense training that encourages participants to confront their trauma in a way that pushes their recovery to new levels and empowers them to truly view themselves as survivors, rather than as victims.

Each class follows the three concepts of StrongerSafer and Survivor:

  • Stronger – Physical exercises and self-defense techniques that often mimic the assaults that participants experienced
  • Safer – Practical safety techniques and strategies to prevent re-victimization
  • Survivor – Psychological aspect of both the original assault and the subsequent recovery process that participants are undergoing

GET SAFE has a curriculum designed to be flexible by gauging the retention and functionality of the students. The curriculum emphasizes a clear and continuously reinforced message about appropriate sexual/relationship behaviors and risk reduction. Instruction is customized to include a selection of topics.

Contact us today for more information on any of our Community Safety programs, or to schedule a customizable GET SAFE training designed to meet the needs of each student/organization!

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