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Be Successful in the Dating Pool – GET SAFE Style

Ahhhh yes, welcome to the dreaded, ahem…I mean glorious, month of February….either you love it or hate it depending upon the status of your relationship, your stage in life, or merely that you love paying $150.00 for flowers that you can get for $15.00 the day after Valentine’s.  So, as we usher in Cupid – that creepy looking cherub trying to attack people with its tiny little bow & arrow – we welcome Valentine’s Day with feelings of emotional & physical security, right?  Or, will it be turmoil?  Is he/she in love with you?  Will they buy you flowers?  Will that significant other blow you off to find someone on Tinder, Match, Ok Cupid?  What’s the deal?  What’s it gonna be in 2016? Now, don’t get too depressed yet.  First of all, it’s a manufactured holiday, so everyone has a reason

#TBT: Last Year’s Character Academy Camp

Here’s a #throwbackthursday pic from last year’s Character Academy Camp when Orange County Fire Fire Station 37 (Tustin) provided a demonstration to campers. With this year’s Character Academy Camp focusing on GRIP kids we’re asking for people who excel in their profession and can mentor young kids who are susceptible to gang activity and divert them from that path. If you can offer time for demonstration and mentorship please contact us at We ask anywhere from up to 1 hour or half day for your demonstration/availability.

#TBT – Last Year’s GRIP Academy

On this rainy #throwbackthursday we are throwing it back with this awesome picture of last year’s GRIP Character Academy Camp. If you haven’t noticed, our GRIP Character Academy Camp is just around the corner! We are seeking individuals who can contribute their time and talents to showing our campers that there is a better path to take in life if only they can see a better path opened up to them. If you have a skill/trade you would like to demonstrate contact us at to lead our GRIP kids on that better path!

2015 Safe CHOICES Conference

Check out the video below to see Safety Stu checking in from the 2015 Safe CHOICES Conference with 500 of his friends! GET SAFE was excited to be part of this great conference and given the opportunity to teach personal safety and self-advocacy skills to everyone in attendance.

TBT: Imperial Valley People First Conference Training

Time for another Throwback Thursday to 3 years ago! Get Safe traveled to Imperial County to host a training session at the People First Transition Fair & Conference on March 17, 2012. This was a fun, St. Patrick’s Day event for the Imperial Valley People First regional self-advocacy group, and Get Safe was loving the energy! Thank you People First and Area Board 13 for the opportunity to attend the conference and teach you all about staying safe!