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Be Successful in the Dating Pool – GET SAFE Style

Ahhhh yes, welcome to the dreaded, ahem…I mean glorious, month of February….either you love it or hate it depending upon the status of your relationship, your stage in life, or merely that you love paying $150.00 for flowers that you can get for $15.00 the day after Valentine’s.  So, as we usher in Cupid – that creepy looking cherub trying to attack people with its tiny little bow & arrow – we welcome Valentine’s Day with feelings of emotional & physical security, right?  Or, will it be turmoil?  Is he/she in love with you?  Will they buy you flowers?  Will that significant other blow you off to find someone on Tinder, Match, Ok Cupid?  What’s the deal?  What’s it gonna be in 2016? Now, don’t get too depressed yet.  First of all, it’s a manufactured holiday, so everyone has a reason

GET SAFE This Halloween!

Make sure you and your kids GET SAFE, be safe, and stay safe this Halloween with these fun safety tips from Safety Stu and the gang! Happy Halloween… and be safe out there!

GET SAFE’s Bully-Busting Basics

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and awareness of this harmful behavior is on the rise; parents are beginning to realize that it’s not just child’s play, but a serious problem with serious effects. Not to say that the numbers are down, but campaigns against bullying are up, raising awareness for the 1 in 4 students who report being victims of bullying behavior. At GET SAFE, we empower students (victims and bullies,) parents and faculty by providing education and tools, such as the following basic prevention and response tips, to help create a safer, more inclusive school culture. Why Me? Bullies often target those who are perceived as “different.” By its very definition, bullying is a form of intimidation, behavior designed to threaten, frighten, or to exert power and control over another person, who is often perceived as “weak,” “different,” or “other.” Bullying may

Back to School!

We hope everyone survived their first week back at school! Here’s a little something to help… GET SAFE student tips for bullying prevention!  tips!