Campus Safety

GET SAFE has provided campus safety training for tens of thousands of students (K-College), parents, teachers, staff and administrators across California. The curriculum has been developed to tackle difficult topics in an engaging, age-appropriate, interactive style.

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Student Safety Programs
GET SAFE’s Student Safety Program is designed to provide children and young adults with the skills to prevent and reduce victimization, learn tolerance, and promote self confidence. Based on your school or organizations’ needs, training topics include:

For K-Elementary School Students

  • Personal safety awareness at home, school and in the community
  • Bullying prevention and response (BACKOFF! Buddy Club)
  • “SAFEty Strategies” (buddy system, safe adults, etc.) and basic self-defense techniques
  • Recognizing and reporting physical/sexual abuse (OK vs. Not-OK touching, personal space bubble, etc.)*
  • Inclusion Training: Respect and appreciation for people’s differences
  • Respect, leadership and volunteerism skills

For Middle and High School Students

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Appropriate social media/texting behavior
  • Safe dating and healthy relationships
  • Conflict avoidance/resolution
  • Safety in social settings/parties

For Senior-Level and College Students

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Personal safety awareness on campus, in dorms/apartments, and at work
  • Sexual assault prevention and response
  • Advanced self-defense techniques
  • Recovery and community resources

All curriculum is fully customized for age-appropriateness and an organization’s interests/needs.

*Safety Squad Puppets are available upon request to help tackle sensitive topics with young children.

Bullying Prevention & Response
Bullying Prevention & Response Training guarantees everyone is working together to put an end to bullying behavior on campus or in the workplace. The program’s unique approach to bullying prevention, response and recovery includes:

  • Interactive Exercises and Hands-on Training delivered by GET SAFE Trainers gives the tools, awareness and empowerment needed to recognize and address the rise and prevalence of all types of bullying
  • BACKOFF! Buddy Program challenges and rewards students, as well as faculty and parents, to be part of the solution by looking out for each other
  • “Safety Squad” Puppets (upon request) voiced by a professional puppeteer to assist GET SAFE Trainers while tackling sensitive topics with young children

Based on your school, business or organizations’ needs, training topics include:

  • Identifying and addressing the various forms of bullying (physical, verbal, cyber and social)
  • Inclusion Training: Interactive exercises to better understand people with differences, such as autism
  • Rehabilitation for those who bully, and recovery for victims of bullying
  • Personal safety awareness at school and home to help those affected by bullying feel safe again
  • Internet safety and appropriate social media/texting behavior

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