GET SAFE specializes in the development and instruction of workshops in personal safety, self-defense, sexual assault prevention, and survivor recovery for children and adults. Designed for any and all persons interested and invested in enhancing their own safety awareness, our programs are custom tailored to your lifestyle, abilities and surroundings

BRT provides highly-targeted information, tools and strategies to help traditional first responders (law enforcement, hospital and emergency personnel) more effectively recognize and work with persons with autism and other developmental disabilities on the job, in the community, and most importantly, in emergency situations. BRT includes:

  • Pre and Post Testing for maximum retention of critical information
  • Interactive Exercises to discuss common communication challenges and typical behaviors
  • Understanding Sensory Processing Issues: Tips and exercises that help first responders understand the visual, aural and tactile sensory response issues persons with ASDs may experience
  • De-escalation Strategies to keep everyone calm, cooperative and most importantly, SAFE
  • Field Reference Cards provide first responders with a quick list of the common communication challenges and behaviors, which can be kept on them at all times while on the job
  • Training Guide for use during and after training

BRT can be delivered in 1-4 hour trainings, or during shift briefings, training seminars, and in-service meetings with various connected agencies.

GET SAFE has a curriculum designed to be flexible by gauging the retention and functionality of the students. The curriculum emphasizes a clear and continuously reinforced message about appropriate sexual/relationship behaviors and risk reduction. Instruction is customized to include a selection of topics.

Contact us today for more information on any of our Community Safety programs, or to schedule a customizable GET SAFE training designed to meet the needs of each student/organization!

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