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GET SAFE needs Mentors for this year’s Character Academy Camp!

Do you want to give back to your community? Make a difference? Change the world for someone? GET SAFE teams up with GRIP this summer to provide a month of daytime activities and entertainment for at-risk minors. Help our youths see and discover their own gifts by becoming a mentor! We’re looking for guest speakers to stop by our facility for a minimum of 1 hour. No experience needed! And you don’t have to come alone. Bring your coworker, friend, family, pet (but clear it with us first please), etc! Talk to the kids about careers and what you do. Guide them by opening their minds with different career paths. Or talk about your hobbies and any special skills you have. Play an instrument? Bring it in and play for us! Good at woodworking? Show the kids how it’s done! Enjoy cooking? Teach us something simple and delicious that the kids can make

GET SAFE To Launch Character Academy Camp again this summer

GET SAFE will be launching our summer camp again this year in 2 weeks! What is Character Academy Camp? GET SAFE partners with the Orange County District Attorneys, OC Probation, Santa Ana Police Department, and the Santa Ana School Police in a program called GRIP. GRIP (Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership) helps to prevent at-risk minors from joining gangs and participating in illegal activities. Instead, youths participating in our program will be educated in alternative options of what they may do with their time by learning through daily guest speakers who will talk about careers, hobbies, and the world around them.

#TBT: Last Year’s Character Academy Camp

Here’s a #throwbackthursday pic from last year’s Character Academy Camp when Orange County Fire Fire Station 37 (Tustin) provided a demonstration to campers. With this year’s Character Academy Camp focusing on GRIP kids we’re asking for people who excel in their profession and can mentor young kids who are susceptible to gang activity and divert them from that path. If you can offer time for demonstration and mentorship please contact us at We ask anywhere from up to 1 hour or half day for your demonstration/availability.